045 Al-Jathiya

Episodes: 290
Arabic: الجاثِية
Translation: The Crouching
Verses: 37

About Surah: Al-Jathiya

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045 Al-Jathiya

Surah Al Jathiyah is a middle Makki Surah, and it is thus named to illustrate the condition of every nation in the Hereafter, that is they will be kneeling from fear of reckoning on the Day of Resurrection.

Beginning from Surah Ghaafir, are a group of seven surahs that initiate with the Huroof Muqattaat – Haa Meem. Such disjointed letters, such as Alif Laam Meem, Yaa Seen, Noon etc. are found at the beginning of twenty-nine surahs in the Qur’an, and only Allaah (SWT) knows their true meaning, even though scholars have tried to understand and explain possible interpretations. The surahs that begin with Haa Meem follow in succession – Ghaafir, Fussilat, Ash-Shoora, Az Zukhruf, Ad-Dukhan, Al Jaathiyah and Al Ahqaaf, and these are considered to focus on inviting people to the Tawheed.

There are three sources of recognizing the truth – the revelation from Allaah, reflection on the signs of the Universe, reflection on the signs of one’s own creation. Those who ignore these signs and ridicule them will face a punishment of humiliation in the Hereafter.

The Children of Israel were chosen by Allaah (SWT) to be the leaders of His religion and were honored with revelation and prophethood. But their jealousy caused them to differ and deviate from the guidance they were blessed with.

Those who submit to their own desires are likened to being worshippers of self, their understanding has been sealed by Allaah (SWT) due to their deliberately turning away from the truth. When they cannot argue against it, they demand that their forefathers be brought back to life. But their demands are not to be entertained, and everyone will be resurrected on the Day of Reckoning. On that day, every nation will be on its knees when their deeds will be presented and questioned from them. The disbelievers will be forgotten as they forgot the remembrance of Allaah (SWT) in the world, and be sent into the Fire.

For Allaah (SWT) is all the praise and grandeur in the heavens and the earth.