047 Muhammad

Episodes: 291
Arabic: مُحَمّد 
Translation: Muhammad
Verses: 38

About Surah: Muhammad

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047 Muhammad

This is Madni Surah and is named after the final prophet of Allaah (SWT), Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, who received the Qur’an as the final revelation. He has been named four times in the Qur’an by his name Muhammad and once by his name Ahmad.

Wasted are the efforts of those who bar people from following guidance from Allaah (SWT), while those who believe in what has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and act upon it, they will be forgiven by Allaah (SWT) and reformed.

Fighting has been prescribed in Islam to remove oppression and injustice and as a means of testing the believers since they are governed by the laws of Allaah (SWT) even during armed struggle against the disbelievers. The believers must be strong and invite towards justice

Also, the battles that were fought between the Muslims and disbelievers often became an excuse for the hypocrites to be exposed as they were unwilling to sacrifice their lives or wealth in the cause of Islam. These people have been described as if to have a disease in their hearts, and their hatred of Islam becomes apparent through their speech.

The hearts of the disbelievers have been sealed from understanding the truth, because of their persistence on opposing the message of Allaah (SWT), so they cannot comprehend what the Prophet ﷺ recited to them from the Qur’an.

Spending in the cause of Allaah (SWT) does not benefit Allaah (SWT), as He is free of any need, it is for the believers themselves that they spend what Allaah (SWT) Has given them and earn their rewards from Him, in this world and the next.