049 Al-Hujraat

Episodes: 305
Arabic: الحُجُرات
Translation: The Rooms
Verses: 18

About Surah: Al-Hujraat

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049 Al-Hujraat

This is a Madni surah, and it elaborates on the etiquettes that must be followed by believers with respect to the Prophet ﷺ, as well as among themselves.

The believers must never raise their voice in front of the Prophet ﷺ, and must always speak gently in front of him. It’s inappropriate to call the Prophet ﷺ out of his home, rather anyone who wishes to meet him must wait until he comes out.

It is essential to investigate a matter before responding to it, when it has been delivered through someone rebellious, to avoid harm and regret later.

Believers must strive to make harmony between their brothers who dispute, but if one is wronging the other, then the guilty must be set right and justice ensured to one who is wronged. Ridiculing and insulting each other should not be permitted among the believers, and they must refrain from spying, speculating or backbiting as well.

Belief goes beyond than just submitting to the laws of Allaah (SWT), as believers do not ever doubt the decree of Allaah (SWT) and are willing to strive in His Way with their lives and wealth. Such believers consider Islam as a blessing of Allaah (SWT), and not a burden or a favor done to others.