050 Qaf

Episodes: 332
Arabic: ق
Translation: The letter 'Qaf'
Verses: 45

About Surah: Qaf

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050 Qaf

This is a middle Makki Surah, beginning with Harf Muqattah, Qaaf.

The disbelievers expressed amazement at the idea of resurrection and questioned that an ordinary man from among them was the messenger of Allaah (SWT). They are told that just as the dead land comes alive after rainfall, similar will be their resurrection. And if Allaah (SWT) can create everything the first time, surely He can repeat it.

Allaah (SWT) is aware of what men even think and is closer than the jugular vein, by virtue of His Knowledge. The angels on the right and left of a person record every action and speech, and even intentions. They will be the companions and witness on the Day of Resurrection and present what they recorded. The sinners will find no escape from the Hell Fire, while the believers will be welcomed into Paradise for eternity.

Allaah (SWT) is All-Aware of what everyone is doing, and He Will gather everyone for a reckoning, it’s not the least difficult upon Him to repeat His creation.