051 Adh-Dhariyat

Episodes: 323
Arabic: الذ ّارِيات
Translation: The Winnowing Winds
Verses: 60

About Surah: Adh-Dhariyat

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051 Adh-Dhariyat

This is a late Makki Surah, and its name refers to the winds that scatter dust, mentioned in the first ayah of the surah.

Swearing by a number of things in nature, Allaah (SWT) states that surely the Day of Reckoning will take place. The disbelievers kept questioning as to when that day will occur, but in the Hereafter when they will be punished, they will be reminded that this is what they were impatient for. The believers used to seek forgiveness in the late hours of the night, and so will be rewarded with rivers and gardens in Paradise.

Ibrahim (AS) was visited by some guests, and when he presented them with a roasted calf, they refused to eat. He became afraid of them, but they informed that they had been sent to deliver the good news of a son to him. Ibrahim (AS) realized they were angels and inquired as to their presence, he was told that the people of Sodom are to receive punishment for their corruption.

Every prophet that was sent to a nation was called either insane or a magician by his people.

The purpose of creation of men and jinn is that they worship Allaah (SWT) alone, as Allaah (SWT) does not need anything from His creation.