052 At-Tur

Episodes: 318
Arabic: الطُّور
Translation: The Mount
Verses: 49

About Surah: At-Tur

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052 At-Tur

This is a late Makki Surah and is named after the mountain by which Allaah (SWT) swears, among other things, that indeed the punishment of Allaah (SWT) will surely come into effect upon the disbelievers. The believers will be blessed with the rewards of Paradise, and their descendants who followed them in faith will join them together in enjoying the blessings. They will recall their state and conversation of the life on earth, and be grateful for Allaah’s mercy on them.

The disbelievers accused the Prophet ﷺ of having fabricated the Qur’an, Allaah (SWT) says to them that they should try to reproduce something similar if they think it is the work of a man. Allaah (SWT) poses a series of questions to the disbelievers, questioning their authority on what they allege about the Prophet ﷺ or the Qur’an while appealing to their rationale to see the truth.