053 An-Najm

Episodes: 328
Arabic: النَّجْم
Translation: The Star
Verses: 62

About Surah: An-Najm

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053 An-Najm

Surah An Najm is a Makki Surah and is named after the star by which Allaah(SWT) swears, to state that the Prophet ﷺ is not in error or misguidance.

The Prophet ﷺ conveys what has been taught to him by Jibreel (AS), whom the Prophet ﷺ saw in his original form near the Lote-tree in the highest heaven when he had ascended on the night of Isra’a and Mi’raaj.

The deities worshipped by the Quraysh – Laat, Uzzah, Manat – were regarded as daughters of Allaah (SWT). It shows their hypocrisy when they preferred sons for themselves and ascribed daughters for Allaah (SWT). Similarly, they named the angels with female names, and all of this was based on conjecture.

Previous nations were destroyed when they rejected the warners sent to them, and the Prophet ﷺ  is a warner similar to those sent earlier, so the Quraysh should take heed from the example of past nations.