054 Al-Qamar

Episodes: 322
Arabic: القَمَر
Translation: The Moon
Verses: 55

About Surah: Al-Qamar

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054 Al-Qamar

This is a Makki Surah and named the moon, with respect to the miracle performed by the Prophet ﷺ of splitting the moon into two halves. The disbelievers of Makkah repeatedly asked for a miracle, something extraordinary and grand to the eyes, so the Prophet ﷺ  split the moon, by the will of Allaah (SWT). But after witnessed this miracle, they turned away calling it an illusion.

Past nations as those of Nuh (AS), Aad, Sodom, and Firawn are reminded of, and how their disbelief led them to destruction.

The people of Madyan demanded a large she-camel from their prophet Saalih (AS), and it was granted to them. The water of their wells was to be shared between her and them, but they found it burdensome and killed her. So they were punished by a loud blast that destroyed them.

The Qur’an has been made easy for remembrance. The people of Makkah are asked to think of those mighty nations who could not stand against the truth, so are they any better or immune to the punishment of Allaah (SWT)?