055 Ar-Rahman

Episodes: 351
Arabic: الرَّحمن
Translation: The Beneficient
Verses: 78

About Surah: Ar-Rahman

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055 Ar-Rahman

There is a difference of opinion whether this is a Makki or Madni surah, with more opinion in favor of considering it as a Madni surah.
This surah is named after one of the names of Allaah (SWT), The Most Merciful, with which this surah begins. The recurring verse in this surah addresses both men and jinn, the former created from clay and the latter from smokeless fire, asking them if they can deny any of the favors of Allaah (SWT).

The Qur’an is a blessing and mercy of Allaah (SWT). Other bounties of Allaah (SWT) are spread throughout the creation and are necessary not just for the survival of human beings but also for their comfort and progress.

Everything that is created will perish but only will remain the Face of Allaah(SWT).

On the Day of Resurrection, the sinners will be recognized by their marks and dragged into Hell Fire. The believers will be rewarded with delights in Paradise that unimaginable.

The surah concludes with declaring that the name of Allaah (SWT) is blessed, and He is the Owner of Honor and Majesty.