056 Al-Waqia

Episodes: 340
Arabic: الواقِعَة
Translation: The Inevitable
Verses: 96

About Surah: Al-Waqia

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056 Al-Waqia

This is a Makki Surah and is named in reference to the Day of Resurrection, mentioned in the first ayah.

The occurrence of the Day of Resurrection is inevitable, and it will honor some while degrading others. Everyone will be divided into three groups: People of the Right, People of the Left, and the Forerunners. The People of the Right will be rewarded with the delights of Paradise for striving with good deeds, beginning from their death when they are greeted with peace by angels. The People of the Left will be punished in the Hell Fire for their disbelief and sins. The Forerunners will be those who did utmost good in Allaah’s Way and so will be rewarded with proximity to Him in the Hereafter.

The origin of the Qur’an is Lauhe-Mahfooz, which is under the Throne of Allaah (SWT), and the Lauhe-Mahfooz cannot be touched by anyone but the angels.