057 Al-Hadid

Episodes: 305
Arabic: الحَديد
Translation: The Iron
Verses: 29

About Surah: Al-Hadid

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057 Al-Hadid

This is a Madni Surah, named after the element iron.

The believers who fought and spent in Allaah’s Way before the conquest of Makkah are not equal to those who did the same later, the former is better and higher in grade near Allaah (SWT).

On the Day of Resurrection, the believers will be guided by the radiance of their light, which the hypocrites will want to benefit from, but will be barred.

The life on earth is nothing but an amusement and delusion.
Iron is an element that has been sent down by Allaah (SWT), and it’s used widely in warfare and manufacturing.

Prophethood was granted to the descendants of Nuh (AS) and Ibraheem (AS). The followers of Isa (AS) innovated with monasticism, seeking the pleasure of Allaah (SWT), but they deviated.

The People of the Book, due to their rejection of the final Prophet ﷺ are in loss, while those who believed in him will be rewarded with the bounty of Allaah (SWT).