058 Al-Mujadila

Episodes: 303
Arabic: المُجادَلة
Translation: The Pleading Woman
Verses: 22

About Surah: Al-Mujadila

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058 Al-Mujadila

This is a Madni surah and chronicles the complaint of Khawlah bint Thalabah (RA) against her husband, who sought to divorce her by the practice of the days of ignorance, called Zihaar, wherein a man would say to his wife that she was to him like his mother’s back. She sought the judgment of the Prophet ﷺ in her favor and argued that she had spent her life in service of her family.

Allaah (SWT) responds to her complaint with a revelation condemning this ignorant practice, and declaring that a man’s wife cannot be his mother ever, his mother is one who gave birth to him, and saying such is abhorred. Those who have pronounced Zihaar, and wish to reconcile, must offer expiation.

Conversing privately, to the exclusion of others in a gathering, is from satan and causes enmity among believers. And gatherings must be inclusive of everyone, welcoming newcomers and making space for them.
The hypocrites swear falsely to prove their loyalty to the Muslims, but they are loyal neither to the Muslims nor to their enemies. They are from the party of satan.

The believers do not hold affection for those who oppose Allaah (SWT) and His Messenger.