058 Al-Mujadila

Episodes: 239

Aaar Al Hudhoudi00:12:3511.61MB
Abdallah Kamel0:10:173.53MB
Abdel Aziz Al Ahmed0:08:528.13MB
Abdel Kawi Abdul Majid00:12:3211.57MB
Abdelhamid Hssain - Warsh0:08:432.00MB
Abdelmoujib Benkirane - Warsh0:09:428.89MB
Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Hamri00:08:3719.82MB
Abdul Bari Mohammed0:12:074.86MB
Abdul Basit - English Translation - Pickthall - Naeem Sultan00:22:4113.08MB
Abdul Basit - English Translation - Saheeh - Ibrahim Walk00:28:1138.80MB
Abdul Basit0:23:223.02MB
Abdul Basit - Warsh00:12:0011.46MB
Abdul Basit - Mujawwad0:23:3321.57MB
Abdul Basit - Murattal0:11:1715.51MB
Abdul Fattah Shashaey0:05:322.54MB
Abdul Kabeer Haidari00:10:192.46MB
Abdul Majid Rahman00:09:226.52MB
Abdul Mohsen Al Obeikan0:06:484.68MB
Abdul Muhsin Al Qasim0:07:3710.47MB
Abdul Muttalib Ibn Achoura - Asbahani00:07:477.14MB
Abdul Rahman Al Yusuf0:08:081.87MB
Abdul Rahman Jamal Aloosi0:09:426.67MB
Abdul Wadood Haneef0:06:589.58MB
Abdul-Kareem Al Hazmi0:08:4315.96MB
Abdul-Munim Abdul-Mubdi0:12:0411.06MB
Abdulaziz Az-Zahrani00:13:1812.28MB
AbdulBari ath-Thubaity0:07:393.51MB
Abdulkabir Al Hadidi0:07:156.65MB
Abdullah Al Buraimi0:10:049.22MB
Abdullah Al Matrood0:09:443.90MB
Abdullah Ali Jabir0:08:458.01MB
Abdullah Awad al-Juhani0:07:386.98MB
Abdullah Basfar0:09:088.38MB
Abdullah Basfar - English Translation [Ibrahim Walk]0:16:4511.50MB
Abdullah Khayat0:07:246.79MB
Abdullah Khulaifi00:07:463.65MB
Abdullahi Abba Zaria00:09:483.46MB
Abdulmohsen Al-Harthy0:08:263.39MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Abi al-Haarith an al-Kasaaee]00:09:408.95MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [ad-Doori an Abi Amr]00:08:428.06MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Shubah an Asim]00:09:158.56MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Soosi]00:09:2312.99MB
Abdur Rasheed Sufi - [Khalaf]0:10:217.11MB
Abdur Razaq Bin Abtan Al Dulaimi0:11:3110.55MB
Abdur Rahman As-Sudais00:09:459.76MB
Abu Abdullah Munir Al Tounsi0:12:105.57MB
Abu Bakr al-Shatri0:09:564.56MB
Adil Kalbani0:07:507.19MB
Ahmad Al Hawashy0:09:268.65MB
Ahmad Alnufais00:11:2010.47MB
Ahmad Khader Al-Tarabulsi0:10:229.49MB
Ahmad Naina00:10:109.41MB
Ahmad Sulaiman00:12:573.80MB
Ahmad Taleb Hameed00:09:442.32MB
Ahmed Abou Kasmi0:11:202.60MB
Ahmed Aissa El Masarawi0:11:152.58MB
Ahmed Al Ajmi0:10:4912.38MB
Ahmed Al Misbahi0:07:071.63MB
Ahmed Amir0:10:119.33MB
Ahmed Mohamed Salama0:11:032.53MB
Ahmed Saber0:08:542.05MB
Akram Al Aalakmi0:10:019.18MB
Al Ashry Omran0:11:0210.10MB
Al Fateh Muhammad Zubair0:08:103.74MB
Al Husayni Al Azazi0:11:0110.10MB
Al Husayni Al Azazi - Children00:23:4032.60MB
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify - [Qaloon]00:09:489.07MB
Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify00:11:1416.06MB
Ali Barrak0:16:313.79MB
Ali Hajjaj Souissi0:10:249.53MB
Alzain Mohamed Ahmed0:07:555.43MB
Amir Al Mohalhal0:09:442.23MB
Anas Almiman00:09:108.49MB
Ayman Swed0:15:4510.82MB
Aziz Alili0:09:268.66MB
Badawi Al Kahlawi00:10:489.98MB
Badr Al Ali00:10:1223.44MB
Bahauddin Tualbh00:10:2023.73MB
Bandar Baleela0:10:269.56MB
Bassel Abdul Rahman Raoui0:13:4912.65MB
Cheikhna Ould Sayed El Hajj00:08:071.95MB
Darwish Faraj Darwish Al Attar00:10:249.63MB
Dawood Hamza0:09:118.42MB
Eid Hassan Abu Aachra0:10:339.66MB
Emad Al Mansary0:08:145.66MB
Ezzat Sabri00:12:1211.26MB
Ezzeddine Amarneh00:10:034.70MB
Fahd Al Ghurab00:07:473.66MB
Fares Abbad0:08:1011.23MB
Fatih Seferagic00:09:136.43MB
Faysal Wizar0:11:3410.60MB
Fouad Al Khamiri0:07:511.80MB
Hamad Sinan0:08:578.18MB
Hammam Abdel Fattah Tawfiq0:08:401.99MB
Hani Abdallah0:10:232.38MB
Hani Ar Rifai0:09:2312.89MB
Hasan Hashem00:13:076.10MB
Hassan Saleh0:07:223.38MB
Hatem Fareed Alwaer0:08:387.92MB
Hatem Farid0:08:387.92MB
Hussam Siddiq Khoja00:08:223.86MB
Ibrahim Al Akhdar0:12:003.44MB
Ibrahim Al-Dossari0:10:257.16MB
Ibrahim Alhagory00:07:343.56MB
Ibrahim Aljormy0:10:059.24MB
Ibrahim Jamal Alfaragawi00:08:528.21MB
Ibrahim Walk - English Only00:10:009.17MB
Ilhan Tok0:09:154.24MB
Imad Zuhair Hafez0:10:326.89MB
Islam Sobhi00:10:5910.06MB
Ja'afar Mahmud Adam00:07:026.54MB
Jaber Abdul Hameed0:12:042.77MB
Jamaan Alosaimi0:07:343.04MB
Jamal Shaker Abdullah0:08:343.93MB
Jazza Al Swaileh0:10:019.18MB
Kamil Jaballah Alshani00:09:352.29MB
Karim Mansouri0:24:4022.60MB
Khaled Abu Shady0:09:152.12MB
Khaled Al Qahtani0:09:1812.78MB
Khaled Barakat00:11:055.17MB
Khaled Mohammed Bakri00:09:499.08MB
Khalid Abdulkafi0:07:376.98MB
Khalid Abu Bakr Bawazeer00:10:5815.16MB
Khalid Al Ghamdi0:08:257.71MB
Khalid Al Jalil0:08:126.58MB
Khalid Al Mohanna0:11:143.86MB
Khalid Al Saeedi00:10:414.99MB
Khalifa Al Tunaiji0:10:174.13MB
Laayoun El Kouchi0:09:496.32MB
Le Saint Coran traduit en francais - French Translation0:05:281.25MB
Lotfi Ibrahim Ahmed00:09:449.01MB
Magdi Salem00:08:574.19MB
Maher Al Mueaqly0:08:232.88MB
Maher Shakhashiro0:07:467.12MB
Mahmood Al Rifai0:09:498.99MB
Mahmood Al-Tabib0:08:217.65MB
Mahmood Khaleel Al Qari00:09:509.09MB
Mahmoud Ali Al Banna0:10:145.90MB
Mahmoud El Sheimy0:13:4612.61MB
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary - [Doori]00:15:3614.38MB
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary0:16:365.70MB
Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary - Warsh00:15:4614.93MB
Mahmoud Saad Darouich0:08:233.84MB
Mahmoud Sayed Eltayeb0:11:022.53MB
Mansour Al Salimi00:10:169.50MB
Mishary Rashid Alafasy0:10:139.37MB
Mishary Rashid Alafasy - English Translation - [Muhsin Khan] - Saabir00:16:3622.89MB
Mishary Rashid Alafasy - English Translation - [Saheeh] - Ibrahim Walk00:16:5723.37MB
Moeedh Alharthi0:06:295.94MB
Mohamed Abdel Hakim Saad Al Abdullah0:08:463.52MB
Mohamed Abdel Samia Raslan0:09:428.88MB
Mohamed Abdelaziz0:07:016.43MB
Mohamed Al Mohisni0:07:537.22MB
Mohamed Al Tayeb Hamdan0:11:452.69MB
Mohamed Aljabery Al Heyani0:10:394.88MB
Mohamed Chahboun0:08:217.65MB
Mohamed El Kantaoui0:08:5010.11MB
Mohamed Hassan0:09:438.90MB
Mohamed Maabad0:08:562.05MB
Mohamed Osman Khan0:08:307.79MB
Mohamed Shaaban Abu Qarn0:10:239.52MB
Mohamed Tablawi0:10:219.48MB
Mohammad Almonshed0:10:239.52MB
Mohammad Ismaeel Al-Muqaddim0:08:347.85MB
Mohammad Rachad Al Shareef0:11:2610.46MB
Mohammed Ayoub Abu Mazen0:10:262.39MB
Mohammed Bin Saleh Abu Zaid0:08:492.02MB
Mohammed Hashim Abdul Aziz0:11:372.66MB
Mohy El-Din Al Kourdi0:09:522.27MB
Mouhamad Hady Toure00:12:588.99MB
Muftah Alsaltany0:07:159.97MB
Mufti Ismail Menk00:07:0110.09MB
Muhammad Abdul Kareem0:08:067.42MB
Muhammad Al Subayyil00:10:505.05MB
Muhammad Al-Aalim Al-Dokali0:09:498.99MB
Muhammad Al-Luhaidan0:07:427.06MB
Muhammad al-Mehysni0:08:2811.62MB
Muhammad Anwar Shahat0:11:252.62MB
Muhammad Ayyub - English Translation - Muhsin Khan - Mikaal Waters00:17:2023.90MB
Muhammad Ayyub0:11:093.84MB
Muhammad Jibreel0:08:572.05MB
Muhammad Khaleel Al-Qari00:08:568.27MB
Muhammad Saleh Alim Shah0:08:407.94MB
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi0:19:166.62MB
Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi - Mujawwad00:19:1626.55MB
Muhammad Sulaiman Patel00:07:0012.92MB
Muhammad Zarami00:14:0312.95MB
Musa Bilal0:08:4415.99MB
Mustafa Al Lahouni0:08:443.01MB
Mustafa Ismail0:12:2011.29MB
Mustafa Raad Al Azzawi0:08:427.97MB
Mustapha Gharbi0:10:383.65MB
Nabil Ar Rifai0:08:489.69MB
Nasser Al Qatami0:09:356.59MB
Neamah Al-Hassan0:11:153.86MB
Noreen Muhammad Siddique - Al-Duri via Abu Amr00:10:2619.20MB
Omar Al Kazabri0:12:032.76MB
Osama Alsafi0:10:502.48MB
Rachid Belaachya0:06:571.99MB
Rachid Belalia0:09:122.11MB
Ramadan Chakour Hussein0:09:268.64MB
Saad al-Ghamdi0:08:493.03MB
Saber Abdul Hakam0:09:083.67MB
Sadaqat Ali0:07:1710.01MB
Sahl Yasin0:08:407.95MB
Said Al-Shaalan0:09:022.07MB
Salah Al Hashem0:09:579.11MB
Salah Al-Budair0:07:435.30MB
Salah Ba-Uthman00:09:044.24MB
Salah Bukhatir0:08:544.07MB
Saleh Al Taleb0:07:437.08MB
Saleh Al Sahood0:08:518.11MB
Samir Belaachya0:12:435.83MB
Saud Al-Shuraim0:07:026.45MB
Sayed Ramadan0:09:068.35MB
Shahriar Parhizgar0:09:481.13MB
Shawqy Hamed00:09:539.15MB
Shirazad Taher0:10:059.24MB
Sudais and Shuraym - English Translation - [Pickthall] - Aslam Athar00:12:4717.65MB
Sudais and Shuraym - Urdu Translation00:12:3511.61MB
Sudais and Shuraym - English Translation - [Pickthall] - Naeem Sultan00:13:027.49MB
Taha Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Fahad0:08:478.04MB
Talaat Afifi0:09:202.14MB
Tareq Abdulgani Daawob0:09:353.85MB
Tawfeeq As Sayegh0:09:308.71MB
Turki Al Rumaih0:09:258.63MB
Wadee Hammadi Al Yamani00:11:2410.54MB
Waleed Idrees Al-Maneese0:06:541.58MB
Waleed Naehi0:08:518.11MB
Yahya Hawwa0:09:064.17MB
Yassen Al Jazairi0:11:317.30MB
Yasser Al Dossari0:09:028.28MB
Yasser Al Mazroyee0:09:223.76MB
Yasser Qureshi0:10:549.99MB
Yasser Salama0:09:418.87MB
Yasser Sarhan Eldeeb0:10:419.78MB
Yousuf Alshoaey0:11:1810.36MB
Yousuf Bin Noah Ahmad0:10:104.66MB
Zaki Daghistani0:11:437.44MB

Overview: Al-Mujadila

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058 Al-Mujadila

This is a Madni surah and chronicles the complaint of Khawlah bint Thalabah (RA) against her husband, who sought to divorce her by the practice of the days of ignorance, called Zihaar, wherein a man would say to his wife that she was to him like his mother’s back. She sought the judgment of the Prophet ﷺ in her favor and argued that she had spent her life in service of her family.

Allaah (SWT) responds to her complaint with a revelation condemning this ignorant practice, and declaring that a man’s wife cannot be his mother ever, his mother is one who gave birth to him, and saying such is abhorred. Those who have pronounced Zihaar, and wish to reconcile, must offer expiation.

Conversing privately, to the exclusion of others in a gathering, is from satan and causes enmity among believers. And gatherings must be inclusive of everyone, welcoming newcomers and making space for them.
The hypocrites swear falsely to prove their loyalty to the Muslims, but they are loyal neither to the Muslims nor to their enemies. They are from the party of satan.

The believers do not hold affection for those who oppose Allaah (SWT) and His Messenger.

Aaar Al Hudhoudi