061 As-Saff

Episodes: 307
Arabic: الصَّف
Translation: The Ranks
Verses: 14

About Surah: As-Saff

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061 As-Saff

This is a Madni surah, named after the rows of believers who fight in the way of Allaah (SWT).

Allaah (SWT) dislikes that the believers declare something, yet their actions differ from their claims.

Musa (AS) was distressed frequently by the Children of Israel, even though they had submitted to the message brought by him, yet they often rebelled and disobeyed on certain orders.

Isa (AS) declared himself to be a confirmation of what was sent earlier to the Children of Israel, as well as conveying the news of the final prophet, Muhammad ﷺ, who has been referred to as Ahmad in this verse. Isa (AS) sought out supporters in the way of Allaah (SWT), even though his followers during his life were few. The ones who believed among the Children of Israel became dominant with the support of Allaah (SWT).
Allaah (SWT) sent the Prophet ﷺ with the truth so that it dominates over all other systems and false beliefs.