062 Al-Jumua

Episodes: 302
Arabic: الجُّمُعة
Translation: The Congregation (or, Friday)
Verses: 11

About Surah: Al-Jumua

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062 Al-Jumua

This is a Madni Surah and is named after the best day of the week, that is Friday.

The Prophet ﷺ, himself an illiterate, was sent to a nation that was largely illiterate and very few of them could read and write. They were looked down upon by other races, such as the Jews and Romans. The Prophet ﷺ recited to them the verses of the Qur’an, taught them its meaning and explained it through his actions, and purified them of their corruptions.

Believers are instructed to leave their trade and occupations when they hear the call to prayer for Jum’ah. And they are permitted to return to their work once the prayer of Jum’ah is completed.