063 Al-Munafiqoon

Episodes: 307
Arabic: المُنافِقُون
Translation: The Hypocrites
Verses: 11

About Surah: Al-Munafiqoon

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063 Al-Munafiqoon

This is a Madni Surah elaborating on the attitude of the hypocrites and warning them to refrain from such behavior.

The hypocrites often swore to convince the Muslims of their loyalty, but Allaah (SWT) declares them to be liars who used their oaths as a shield. They are actually enemies of the Muslims, and their behavior has betrayed their true intentions. Even if the Prophet ﷺ sought forgiveness for them, they would not be forgiven.

Abdullah ibn Ubayy, the chief of the hypocrites, had said that they would expel the Muslims from Madinah, but later denied it. Allaah (SWT) revealed in this surah that surely they had schemed such against the Muslims.

Believers are exhorted to spend in Allaah’s Way before their lives end, and then it will not be extended any length of time to do more good deeds.