064 At-Taghabun

Episodes: 294
Arabic: التَّغابُن
Translation: The Mutual Disillusion
Verses: 18

About Surah: At-Taghabun

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064 At-Taghabun

This is a Madni surah, and draws its name from the mention of the word At Taghaabun in the middle of the surah, with reference to the Day of Resurrection.

The previous nations refused to believe the messengers sent to them from Allaah (SWT), saying that they were ordinary human beings like them. The purpose behind messengers being ordinary men was that they could demonstrate how the message was to be acted upon and be an example to follow. The responsibility of the prophets has always been to warn only.

Spending in the way of Allaah (SWT) has been likened to lending Allaah (SWT) a good loan, that He will multiply its rewards and forgive the believers in return.