065 At-Talaq

Episodes: 293
Arabic: الطَّلاق
Translation: The Divorce
Verses: 12

About Surah: At-Talaq

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065 At-Talaq

This is a Madni Surah detailing the laws relating to divorce and separation.

The divorced woman should observe their waiting period in the homes of her husband. The waiting period is three menstrual cycles; although for women who are past the age is menstruation, the waiting period is three months. For pregnant women, their waiting period is until they deliver their baby. While they are pregnant or breastfeeding, their expenses should be borne by their husband. The spending must be as per the status of the individual himself.

Allaah (SWT) revealed the Qur’an to the Prophet ﷺ so that through it the believers could be guided from darkness into light.