066 At-Tahrim

Episodes: 303
Arabic: التَّحْريم
Translation: The Prohibition
Verses: 12

About Surah: At-Tahrim

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066 At-Tahrim

This is a Madni Surah and revolves around the incident of the Prophet ﷺ prohibiting himself from consuming honey, as his wives led him to believe that it was emitting a foul odor from his mouth.

Allaah (SWT) condemned the Prophet ﷺ for prohibiting upon himself something which Allaah (SWT) made permissible. This could also have led his followers prohibiting it for themselves, thereby depriving everyone of its benefits and enjoyment. Hence, the authority to declare something permissible or prohibited lies with Allaah (SWT).

Aisha (RA) and Hafsa (RA) were upset that the Prophet ﷺ ended up spending more time with Zainab (RA), so they said to him that there could smell a foul odor from his mouth. The Prophet ﷺ had consumed honey given to him by Zainab (RA), so he thought that the smell must be due to that, and since he disliked any foul odor, he immediately resolved to not consume it even though he loved its sweetness.

Allaah (SWT) asks his wives to repent and not plot against the Prophet ﷺ, as he will be protected by Allaah (SWT).

The example of two disbelieving women are presented: the wife of Nuh (AS) and the wife of Lut (AS); both were married to prophets of Allaah (SWT), yet they betrayed their husband in their cause and their position as first ladies could not avail them against the punishment of Allaah (SWT). In contrast, the wife of Firawn was a believing woman who sought Allaah’s refuge from the torment of her husband, while Maryam (AS) was a single mother, who had been blessed by Allaah (SWT) for her obedience and protecting her chastity.