070 Al-Maarij

Episodes: 334
Arabic: المَعارِج
Translation: The Ascending Stairways
Verses: 44

About Surah: Al-Maarij

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070 Al-Maarij

This is a late Makki Surah and derives its name from the mention of elevated paths mentioned in the beginning passage.

The angels ascend to Allaah(SWT) in a day that equals fifty thousands years of our counting.

On the day of reckoning, the disbelievers will be willing to be ransomed in exchange for even their wife and children and close friends.

The nature of man is such that he is impatient when distressed, while he is stingy to share any good. Except those who maintain their prayers and believe in the day of reckoning, they know that others have a right to their wealth. They guard their chastity and fulfill their commitments and are honest in their testimonies.

The life of the world is wasted by the disbelievers in vain conversations and amusement, but on the day of resurrection, they will be humiliated.