071 Nooh

Episodes: 323
Arabic: نُوح
Translation: Noah
Verses: 28

About Surah: Nooh

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071 Nooh

This a Makki Surah and records the supplication of Nuh (AS), who complains to Allaah (SWT) of the rejection of his people and how he has tried to reason with them in every possible way, whether it was by encouraging them to seek the rewards of Allaah (SWT) in this world and the next, or by warning about the painful punishment that will inflict them if they continued in their disobedience. But they were persisted in their denial and mocked Nuh (AS), who continued to invite them to Tawheed for nine hundred and fifty years.

Finally, Nuh (AS) invoked Allaah (SWT) against his people and asked them to be destroyed completely so that no one remains who associates partners with Allaah (SWT). And he seeks forgiveness for himself and his parent and the believers with him.