075 Al-Qiyama

Episodes: 357
Arabic: القِيامَة
Translation: The Resurrection
Verses: 40

About Surah: Al-Qiyama

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075 Al-Qiyama

This is a middle Makki Surah and illustrates the Day of Resurrection.
Swearing by the Day of Resurrection and by the lamenting soul, Allaah (SWT) says that He is very well capable to resurrect men, even including their fingertips.

When the disbelievers are warned to prepare for the Hereafter, they repeatedly question that when will the Day of Resurrection takes place, but when it takes places they will then ask for a place of refuge.

The Prophet ﷺ  hastened to memorize the Qur’an, so he has been told that he must follow Jibreel (AS) in recitation, and it is upon Allaah (SWT) to preserve it and make him comprehend it.

Allaah (SWT) asks men to reflect on how they were created, so how is it any difficult upon Allaah (SWT) to repeat that creation.