076 Al-Insan

Episodes: 346
Arabic: الدَّهر (الإنسان)
Translation: The Man
Verses: 31

About Surah: Al-Insan

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076 Al-Insan

Surah Al Insaan is also known as Surah Ad Dahr, and this is a Madni surah.

Man is reminded of his origin, how he is created from a drop of sperm, and then guided to his full form, whether or not he acknowledges it.

The righteous believers who feed others seeking the approval of Allaah (SWT) will be rewarded with the pleasures of Paradise. By contrast, the disbelievers seek the immediate and ignore the hereafter, and they will be accordingly punished.

The Qur’an has been gradually revealed by Allaah (SWT) upon the Prophet ﷺ, and it is a reminder to those who are willing to accept it as guidance.