078 An-Naba

Episodes: 360
Arabic: النـَّبأ
Translation: The Tidings
Verses: 40

About Surah: An-Naba

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078 An-Naba

This is a Makki Surah and it is titled after the word An-Naba, or the great news, mentioned in the second verse, which refers to the coming of the Day of Resurrection.

The time for the occurrence of the Day of Resurrection is fixed, and it will commence with the blowing of the horn. All the facets of the universe, that Allaah (SWT) and men take comfort in, will be in chaos and ruins.

On that day, even the angels will stand in rows before Allaah (SWT), and no one will speak except by the permission of Allaah (SWT). And the disbelievers will curse themselves and wish they were pulverized.