079 An-Naziat

Episodes: 352
Arabic: النـّازِعات
Translation: Those Who Drag Forth
Verses: 46

About Surah: An-Naziat

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079 An-Naziat

This is a Makki Surah, and is titled after the kind of angel that violently pull out the souls from the sinners, and are mentioned in the first verse. Swearing by different kinds of angels, Allaah (SWT) says that the Day of Resurrection will commence with a blast, followed by a second one, and the hearts will tremble from the sounds.

Allaah (SWT) sent Musa (AS) to Firawn to ask him to purify himself and fear Allaah(SWT). But Firawn was arrogant and claimed divinity for himself, so he was destroyed for his tyranny.

Men should reflect if their creation is difficult or that of the heavens, and if Allaah (SWT) can create them once, then why can he not repeat them.

The disbelievers kept asking the Prophet ﷺ when the final hour will be established, so he has been asked to convey that he has no authority over this matter and is only a warner.