080 Abasa

Episodes: 346
Arabic: عَبَس
Translation: He Frowned
Verses: 42

About Surah: Abasa

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080 Abasa

This is  Makki Surah and the beginning verses refer to the incident of the Prophet ﷺ  bothered by the interruption of the blind companion, Abdullah ibn Makhtoom (RA), who came to seek knowledge from the Prophet ﷺ while he was conversing with one of the chiefs of Quraysh. Allaah (SWT) condemned the Prophet ﷺ for frowning upon the blind man and considering him any less important than the elites of Quraysh, in the sight of Allaah (SWT) believers are more valuable than disbelievers, irrespective of their wealth or positions.

Man should reflect on how he was created, from something insignificant, and on the food he enjoys. On the Day of Resurrection, men will run away from each other, and no relation will benefit before Allaah (SWT).