081 At-Takwir

Episodes: 339
Arabic: التـَّكْوير
Translation: The Overthrowing
Verses: 29

About Surah: At-Takwir

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081 At-Takwir

This is a Makki Surah and draws its name from the first verse, which mentions how the sun will be wrapped up, among other things, when the Day of Resurrection commences.

Swearing by the stars, Allaah (SWT) says that the Qur’an is surely the word conveyed by a noble messenger, that is Jibreel (AS). He is further described as strong, trustworthy and obeyed in authority. The Prophet ﷺ saw him in his original form in the highest heaven, near the Lote-tree.

The Qur’an is a reminder to those who want to tread the path of guidance, and no one wills anything except by the Will of Allaah (SWT).