083 Al-Mutaffifin

Episodes: 343
Arabic: المُطـَفِّفين
Translation: The Defrauding
Verses: 36

About Surah: Al-Mutaffifin

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083 Al-Mutaffifin

This is a Makki Surah and condemns the practice of those who cheat in trade, reduce measure while weighing, and seek their full recompense. They indulge in such fraud as they do not fear a reckoning for their actions before Allaah (SWT).

The records of the sinners are kept in a place, called “Sijjeen”, while those of the pious is kept in “Illiyyun”.

The sinners denied the verses of Allaah (SWT) calling them legends of the past nations. Also, they used to mock the believers and laugh at them, but on the Day of Resurrection, the believers will laugh at the sinners; it will be a befitting reward for their actions.