084 Al-Inshiqaq

Episodes: 339
Arabic: الإنشِقاق
Translation: The Sundering
Verses: 25

About Surah: Al-Inshiqaq

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084 Al-Inshiqaq

This is a Makki Surah and derives its name from the splitting of the sky, mentioned in the first verse as an event occurs on the Day of Resurrection.

Life is a struggle for man, and he is progressing towards meeting his Lord. On the day of meeting with Allaah (SWT), the pious will receive their record of deeds in the right hand, and his reckoning will be easy. While the sinners will receive their records from the back, and they will be grieving. The Prophet ﷺ said about the reckoning that the one who is questioned will be ruined.

Those who deny the message brought by the Prophet ﷺ, they will suffer a painful punishment, while the believers will enjoy unending rewards.