085 Al-Burooj

Episodes: 352
Arabic: البُروج
Translation: The Mansions of the Stars
Verses: 22

About Surah: Al-Burooj

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085 Al-Burooj

This is a Makki surah, named after the constellation of stars, mentioned in the first verse.

This surah narrates the incident of the people of the trench, whom Allaah (SWT) cursed as they persecuted people who were believers in Tawheed. Allaah (SWT) will avenge His believers with a painful punishment upon the people of the trench. And for the believers who do righteous deeds will be blessed with gardens underneath which rivers flow.

The Qur’an is an honored revelation from Allaah (SWT), and its origin is in the Lauhe Mahfooz, the Preserved Tablet, which is under Allaah’s throne.