088 Al-Ghashiya

Episodes: 351
Arabic: الغاشِيَة
Translation: The Overwhelming
Verses: 26

About Surah: Al-Ghashiya

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088 Al-Ghashiya

This is a Makki Surah and is named after one of the names of the Day of Resurrection, that is Al Ghashiyah, the Overwhelming, describing how the events of that day will be.

The faces of the sinners will be fearful on that day, and they will be made to taste the punishment of the Hell Fire. While the face of the believers will be radiating with happiness, and they will be given the blessings of Paradise to enjoy.

The Prophet ﷺ is only a warner to the people and has no control over their state of guidance. Everyone will be responsible for their own actions, which they will account for on the Day of Reckoning.