094 Al-Inshirah

Episodes: 346
Arabic: الإنشـِراح
Translation: The Relief
Verses: 8

About Surah: Al-Inshirah

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094 Al-Inshirah

This is a Makki Surah and is named such after the mention of the word “We expanded/opened” in the first verse.

Speaking of the favors upon the Prophet ﷺ, Allaah (SWT) reminds him how he has been guided and given a comprehension of the truth. Also, the prophethood has been an honor upon the Prophet ﷺ, which raised his status among the people. This was to comfort the Prophet ﷺ and to make it easy upon him to shoulder the responsibilities of spreading the religion of Allaah (SWT).

Every hardship will be accompanied by ease, but as one becomes relieved of a certain responsibility, he must prepare himself for the next task, seeking the pleasure of Allaah (SWT) and toiling in service to Him.