095 At-Tin

Episodes: 346
Arabic: التـِّين
Translation: The Fig
Verses: 8

About Surah: At-Tin

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095 At-Tin

This is a Makki Surah and draws its name from the mention of the fig, by which Allaah (SWT) swears in the first verse. Some scholars commented that Allaah (SWT) in fact swears by the Palestine in this surah, as fig and olive are abundantly produced in that region. Also, Allaah (SWT) swears by Mount Sinai where He first spoke to Musa (AS), and by the city of Makkah. In this way, Allaah (SWT) swears by three sacred locations to state that He Has created man in the best form, but lowered his stature after that. An exception to this are the believers who occupy themselves with righteous acts, so for them will be unending rewards.

Those who deny the Day of Reckoning should reflect on the imperfection of justice in the world, and that the only true justice can be with Allaah (SWT).