096 Al-Alaq

Episodes: 340
Arabic: العَلـَق
Translation: The Clot
Verses: 19

About Surah: Al-Alaq

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096 Al-Alaq

The beginning five verses were the first revelation upon the Prophet(SAW), that he received while in cave Hira, consequently, this is a Makki Surah.
Despite the fact that the Prophet ﷺ was illiterate, he was ordered to read by Jibreel (AS) who held him in a tight embrace. When the Prophet ﷺ protested thrice that he could not, Jibreel(AS) then conveyed to him read in the name of his Lord, Who created him from a clot, and He Has taught man to write by the pen what he was ignorant of.

Describing the attitude of a rebel who forbids others from praying to Allaah (SWT), it is said that such a person will be dragged by his forelock on the Day of Resurrection. The Prophet ﷺ  is being asked to not be influenced by such corrupt rebels but to fear Allaah (SWT) and submit to Him only.