102 At-Takathur

Episodes: 340
Arabic: التَكاثـُر
Translation: The Rivalry In World Increase
Verses: 8

About Surah: At-Takathur

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102 At-Takathur

This is a Makki surah, and derives its name from the mention of Takaathur, the hoarding or piling up, mentioned in the first verse.

The focus of this surah is to condemn the materialistic attitude of man, who is obsessed with hoarding more possessions all his life. As per narration of the Prophet ﷺ, nothing can satisfy the children of Adam (AS), if anybody is given one valley of gold, then he will seek another.

The drive to possess more is unending and continues as long as one is alive. It is only the fear of reckoning before Allaah (SWT) that can make one accountable for the resources that he is using, and responsible towards others. Whatever one is blessed with, he will have to account for it before Allaah (SWT).