103 Al-Asr

Episodes: 338
Arabic: العَصْر
Translation: The Declining Day
Verses: 3

About Surah: Al-Asr

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103 Al-Asr

This is a Makki Surah and draws its name from the mention of the word Al-Asr, in the first verse. Al-Asr is the time that is running out. Swearing by this time that is quickly passing, Allaah (SWT) states that all of men are in a great loss except those who:

Believe: Belief in Allaah (SWT), His Messengers (AS), Angels, Books, Divine Decree and Day of Resurrection;

And do good deeds: Belief necessitates action. In the Qur’an, belief has always been mentioned with actions;

Exhort others to truth: The Prophet ﷺ recommended the believers to hold on to truth as truthfulness leads one to Paradise;

Exhort others to patience: Remaining steadfast on guidance from Allaah (SWT) and striving for the truth requires much patience.

About this surah, Imam Shaafi (RA) said if nothing had been revealed besides just this surah, then it would have been enough for the guidance of mankind.