108 Al-Kauther

Episodes: 339
Arabic: الكـَوْثَر
Translation: The Abundance
Verses: 3

About Surah: Al-Kauther

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108 Al-Kauther

This is a Makki Surah and is named after the river Kawthar, that was gifted to the Prophet ﷺ  by Allaah (SWT), as one of his special blessings in Paradise.

The Prophet ﷺ lost all his sons in infancy, and this delighted his enemies who were glad that the legacy of the Prophet ﷺ would not continue. To comfort the Prophet ﷺ, Allaah (SWT) revealed to him as to what awaits him in the hereafter, thereby reminding everyone that the true blessings are those that will be enjoyed in Paradise. The Prophet ﷺ is thus asked to direct his worship and sacrifice sincerely to Allaah (SWT). Also, the disbelievers are warned of the consequences of their enmity to the Prophet ﷺ.