109 Al-Kafiroon

Episodes: 347
Arabic: الكافِرون
Translation: The Disbelievers
Verses: 6

About Surah: Al-Kafiroon

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This is a Makki Surah and asks the Prophet ﷺ to completely disassociate himself from disbelief and polytheism. This leaves no room for compromise or ambiguity concerning Islam’s position on the status of other religions, they cannot be mixed with Islam.

Even after conveying the Divine Message to the people, if they insist on following their false ways, then the believer in Islam must absolve himself of any responsibility towards them, and declare that the responsibility for their actions lies with them.

The Prophet ﷺ recited Surah Al Kafirun in the first unit of the Sunnah prayer of Fajr, and obligatory prayer of Maghrib, as well as in the second unit of the Witr prayer.