110 An-Nasr

Episodes: 342
Arabic: النـَّصر
Translation: The Divine Support
Verses: 3

About Surah: An-Nasr

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110 An-Nasr

This is a Madni surah, and one of the last revelations to the Prophet ﷺ. By the time this surah was revealed, the religion of Islam was established in Arabia and the Prophet ﷺ had been widely accepted as the Messenger of Allaah (SWT) as well as the head of the Islamic state. Tribes were accepting Islam all at once, and the strength of the Muslims had been corroborated. At such a sight, the Prophet ﷺ is asked to glorify Allaah (SWT) and seek His forgiveness.

Umar (RA) asked Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) to explain this revelation, to which he said that it indicated that the Prophet ﷺ was about to die. His mission in the world was drawing to a close, and so he must now prepare to return to Allaah (SWT).