111 Al-Masadd

Episodes: 336
Arabic: تَبَّت
Translation: The Palm Fiber
Verses: 5

About Surah: Al-Masadd

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111 Al-Masadd

This is a Makki surah and narrates the wrath incurred by the enemies of the Prophet ﷺ, particularly his uncle Abu Lahab and his wife.

Abu Lahab opposed the Prophet ﷺ  vehemently and was even physically aggressive. He cursed the Prophet ﷺ when he declared to the people in Makkah that he was a warner sent by Allaah (SWT), and even rejoiced at the death of the Prophet’s infant son. Abu Lahab’s wife used to lay thorns on the path that the Prophet ﷺ  would tread, and they would throw garbage and entrails of animals in front of his door.

This surah is also proof of the divinity of the Qur’an, as Abu Lahab and his wife died as disbelievers, and to prove the Qur’an wrong, all they had to do was to confess faith, but they never even came close to it.