113 Al-Falaq

Episodes: 344
Arabic: الفـَلَق
Translation: The Daybreak
Verses: 5

About Surah: Al-Falaq

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113 Al-Falaq

This is a Makki Surah and draws its name from the mention of Al Falaq, the Day Break, in the first verse. Together with Surah An Naas, it is known as Muadhdhitayn, the ones used to seek refuge, as the Prophet ﷺ often recited these two surahs during sickness and to protect from the evil eye.

Beginning with one attribute of Allaah (SWT), Lord of the Day Break, believers are asked to seek refuge from the evil of what He Has created, from the evil of the night that approaches, from the evil of those who practice magic and from the evil of those who are envy.