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084 Al-Inshiqaq

Reciter: Abdullah Al Buraimi


File Size: 1.96MB

About Abdullah Al Buraimi

Abdullah Al Buraimi
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Country: UAE

His sweetness drops from his mesmerizing voice. That is Sheikh Abdullah al Buraimi for you. Born in the UAE, Abdullah Bin Abdul Karim Al Buraimi Al Zaraouni has adorned multiple roles – a Qur’an reader, an Imam, and a preacher.

The Sheikh holds a Master’s degree in Al Shari’a (Comparative Fiqh) and the Cambridge International Diploma in the Information Technology Skills. Currently, he is working on his doctorate degree in Shari’a from the IIU in Malaysia.

Whilst in the UAE, the Sheikh took the following responsibilities:

1999 – 2001:  Acting head in the Department of Islamic affairs in Al Sharika

2005 – 2006: Responsibility of the Imamate and Preachers’ branches in the Islamic Affairs Department

2010 – Present:

  1. Imam and a Preacher in the general authority branch of the Islamic Affairs and Awqaf in Umm Al Quain.
  2. General Supervisor in the Qur’anic memorization centres in Awqaf Bani Yas in Abu Dhabi.