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Reciter: Abdurrahmaan Sadien


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About Abdurrahmaan Sadien

Abdurrahmaan Sadien
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Country: South Africa

Imitators of Abdul-Basit ‘Abdus-Samad are from every corner of the world. One of the most popular among them originates from South Africa. He has breath control that has shocked many people. He is Abdurrahmaan Sadien, a symbolic imitator. 


Abdurrahmaan Sadien was born in 1960 in Cape-Town, South Africa. When Sheikh Abdul-Basit ‘Abdus-Samad (May Allah be pleased with him) travelled to South Africa in 1966, Sadien was among the audience who had come to watch him recite live in his classic Al Mushaf al Mujawwad style. Sadien was inspired by the famous reciter and became a reciter of the Quran. Sheikh Abdurrahman Sadien studied in Al-Azhar University for 10 years in Islamic Law. Also, he studied Quran recitation rules at the hands of renowned reciter, Abu Aynayn Shaeesha. He has travelled to many countries such as Turkey in 2004 and Bangladesh in 2018.