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014 Ibrahim

Reciter: Khalid Al Mohanna


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About Khalid Al Mohanna

Khalid Al Mohanna
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Country: Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Khalid bin Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al Mohanna, an eminent and distinguished Imam of Saudi origin, has graduated in Sunnah and followed it up with a post graduation in the Hidden Flaws and Knowledge of the Men and beautifully summed up with a Ph.D. in the Hadeeth differences.

Not one to be content with even such a huge achievement, he sought to get certified according to Chooba and Hafs from Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Hamid Al Iskandarani and by Sheikh Ahmed Mustafa Abu Al Hassan according to Hafs,  and finally by Sheikh Abdul Rafii Ridwan according to Hafs Qasr Al Munfasil.

Soon after the attainment of education of this magnitude, he was immediately skimmed into the Faculty of Usool in the Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

His professional commencement of being designated as an Imam began at the coveted mosque of  Prince Mohammed bin Saud Bin Abdul Aziz in Hittin.